Getting Your Child Ready for Dance Class

Dance is a great place for children to start their athletic career. Your child can use his newfound skills in competitive gymnastics, football, or as a professional dancer. Here are some simple ways to get your child on the right track with dance class.

Look for Age-Appropriate Classes

When enrolling your child into dance class, make sure he is the appropriate age and level required for the class. Toddlers and young children should stick to the dance class that caters to their age. Unless your child is a dance prodigy, he could actually be injured or become overwhelmed if he is placed in a class with older children. If you believe your child is too experienced to be placed in the age-appropriate class, then speak with the instructors. They can help determine where your child should be placed based on maturity and skill level.

Speak with the Instructor

You must involve the instructor when getting your child ready for dance class. Whether you are unsure of the correct level for your child, or he wants to experience a variety of dance styles, the instructor can help you make the correct decisions. You and your child should also feel comfortable with the dance instructor. Take this time to ask questions and find out any requirements your child should have to attend class.

Encourage Fun and Correct Form

The best way to help your child get ready for his dance class is to encourage fun. Dance is about expressing one’s self through healthy movement. Encourage your child to learn new moves and have fun while doing it. You should also help him understand how to dance safely and without forming bad habits. He will learn the correct moves in class, but they can only be enforced through practice at home.

California Sports Center is dedicated to giving children the gift of dance in whichever style they prefer. From ballet to hip hop in San Jose, we have several classes throughout the week that your child can join. Please call us at (408) 280-5437 or visit online to see our schedule.

Get Your Kids Moving!

Kids seem to have boundless energy at times, so take advantage of it! Enroll your kids in various activities, like gymnastics, swimming, or dance, to get them out of the house, having fun, and staying active.

As you can see in the video, kids should exercise for at least an hour every day. This daily exercise, whether it be sports, ballet, or recreational gymnastics, can do wonders for their physical and mental health. By moving and stretching regularly, your kids are more likely to be in good health as they grow, sleep better, and a healthier self-esteem and body image.

Get your kids moving down to California Sports Center! We are dedicated to keeping kids active, healthy, and safe at all of our locations around San Jose. Please call (408) 280-5437 to inquire about any of our classes, from water safety to tumbling.

Make Your Next Party a Gymnastics Party!

There is a great way to ensure your child has a memorable birthday party, and that starts with a gymnastics party. With trained instructors, your child and all of his friends can find a new passion for gymnastics or simply have fun moving around at a great birthday party.

By booking a gymnastics party, your child and his friends can learn about tumbling, trampoline jumping, obstacles courses, and so much more. With expert staff trained in gymnastics and party planning, all of the children will have a great time learning about fitness, activity, and the joy of gymnastics. After the kids have worked off some energy and worked up an appetite, they can have food and help the birthday kid open some exciting new presents.

Come down to California Sports Center to learn how we can give your child the birthday memory of a lifetime. After learning more about recreational gymnastics in San Jose, he and his friends can sign up for a variety of other classes, including dance, diving lessons, and water polo. Give us a call at (408) 269-5437 to schedule your child’s next gymnastics birthday party.

Working with Your Young Gymnast's Fears

Gymnastics is a fun and intense sport. Many gymnasts may feel pressured to be the best on the mat, but that pressure can lead to fears of failure as well as injury. Here are some easy ways to help your young athlete work through her fears.

Don’t ignore the fears, embrace them.

When anyone has a fear or anxiety, it is hard to shake the feeling. If people around you only have the advice of “just forget about it,” then you are likely to focus even more on your fears. Encourage your young gymnast or athlete to look at their fears head-on and not run away from them. When they have a fearful or anxious thought, help them to recognize it and breathe through it. If they can talk themselves through the moment, they will have a healthier approach to anxiety and worries.

Recognize where the fears come from.

Another step in working with any fear comes from recognizing where it came from. Did your athlete hurt herself during a gymnastics class, or was she cut from the competitive gymnastics league? Just because these moments happened in the past does not mean they will happen again. Help your athlete recognize what she is afraid of so she can confront it directly and move past it.

Work to become better, not perfect.

Many athletes have a fear of failure. Whether that fear came from failing once or never wanting to fail in the first place, it can be a very unhealthy fear to have. In the end, the drive to be perfect may actually harm your athlete physically and psychologically. Encourage her to strive for her personal best instead. No one can ever be perfect, but they can train to be better than they were in the past.

We at California Sports Center hope to encourage the best from our gymnastics students in San Jose. Bring your athlete down to one of our many locations to see if our gymnastics classes, diving lessons, or dance classes can help her accomplish her athletic goals. We are available for your call at (408) 280-5437.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Swimming Class

Whether you are encouraging your child to learn to swim or enrolling him in a swimming class for improved health, there are several factors to consider when selecting a swimming class. Finding the right class for your child’s age, abilities, and goals will ensure he enjoys his experience and strives to succeed.


Young children who don’t yet know how to swim need a very different type of instruction than older children and teens who want to improve their swimming technique or fitness level. Classes for very young children under the age of five typically focus on water safety and parental skills to support your child’s budding desire to swim; swim classes for older children and teens will focus on swimming unassisted as well as water safety and various types of strokes.

Class Size

If possible, opt for a small class size when choosing swimming lessons or activities. Smaller class sizes provide a more enjoyable and safer experience, as students can not only see and hear the instructor more easily but receive more focused attention as well. Furthermore, children with special needs or who don’t feel comfortable learning in a group should always be placed in smaller classes, while more social children can benefit from a slightly larger class size with more of their peers.


The goals you want your child to achieve also play an important role when choosing aquatics classes. Different classes focus on different aspects of swimming, including water safety, swimming technique, and competitive lap swimming. Exploring all your options and reading the information about each session thoroughly can help you and your child select the right type of class for his needs and ultimate goals. Also, consider looking for a swim program that offers progressive levels so that swimmers can develop at their own pace with similar students.

If you’re searching for the perfect aquatics activity for your child, California Sports Center is pleased to offer options that include swim lessons, lap swimming, water fitness, and water polo near San Jose. You can find out more about our aquatics, dance, gymnastics, and tumbling programs on the web, or give us a call at (408) 280-5437 to discuss enrollment today.

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